In-Person Grief or Death Companioning

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  • 1 hour
  • Face-to-face at your location

Service Description

Other models of care involve 'fixing' or returning to an 'old normal'. Often people require a safe place to help discover what has changed, in different hope-filled ways. You are the expert. The Certified Thanatologist Specialist is here to pastorally bear witness to your journey and offer ways to reconcile the changes. Family members, friends and medical professionals can certainly do their best to help, but a professionally trained pastoral approach is a different type of choice that compliments the holistic approach to life and death. NOTE: A sliding scale rate is available. The sliding scale is a tool that allows for care to be obtained at multiple price points based on the circumstances of the person. The sliding scale represents the idea that financial resources, including income, are not and should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access care. "Cindy has been a major influence in my own grief process. Her loving guidance and direction has dramatically changed how I managed guilt and trauma, enabling healing of memories resulting in added peace to my daily life." - Connie delaMorandiere

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