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Community of Faith Worship and Workshop

Certified Thanatologist Pastoral Specialist's help equip the church.

  • 2 hours
  • Location to be determined

Service Description

The Certified Thanatologist Pastoral Specialist (CTPS) focus is on death and grief from the aspect of Gods Word and Christian tradition. Hosting a guest minister/pastor can add a strength and gift to a local faith community. A guest CTPS is an extension to the ministry of faith communities. They are guests that offer a fresh voice and enhance the present ministry taking place. They align perspective, offer diversity, and help with unfamiliar or difficult topics. Included is prayer, worship and contemplation of theological topics such as death, suffering, ecclesiology, koinonia, lament, hope, union, and communion. "I find Cindy to be an excellent preacher, with a real knack of reaching the congregation in a warm personal manner. Any church that ended up with her as a sky pilot would be truly blessed. " - Charlie Smith, Poet, Author, Farmer "There is something very special about Cindy, you can feel her passion when she speaks. She has a gift of putting the scriptures into words that not only make sense but leaves you thinking about your own faith. After service I found myself always wanting to hear more but perhaps more importantly, I reflected on her message throughout the week. She has been instrumental in my growth through my faith and for that I am truly blessed.” - Cathy Holland "Cindy indirectly provided hope and comfort for my 97 year old mother with one of her messages. Mom who was known for her kindness and goodness was feeling frightened by the possibility of judgment. I relayed scripture from one of Cindy's messages - John 5:24 where He states that whoever believes that those who have a hope for eternity have a better death an those without. Mom passed away peacefully in her sleep 3 weeks ago. I will always be grateful to Cindy. " -Rhonda Smith, retired teacher, gardener, farmer

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317 Tamarack Street, Timmins, ON, Canada