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Hello my name is Cindy Dube. I am a Certified Thanatologist Pastoral Specialist (CTPS). This is a fancy way of saying that I have been certified by meeting the professional standards set forth by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) Global Inc. Or I have an in-depth knowledge and experience in struggle, grief, death and dying from multiple perspectives – medical, physical, psychological, spiritual, ethical, social, and more. 

I’ve walked along side people with a pastoral approach as they journey through the wilderness of grief and dying. If your life's narrative has brought you to my site, I'm glad you are here. I bear witness to your story and offer you a safe place and invitation to understand what you are going through as we explore together what has changed.

My journey in the field of pastoral care and thanatology started over 30 years ago as I entered the health care sector as a paramedic. My care for people changed from solely the physical body to the call of attending to the brokenness of death and grief. Instead of trying to save lives and reduce the result of trauma, I now companion those who are dying, have suffered through different types of losses or require critical incident stress management services. 

Cindy Dube, MTS, CTPS, AEMCA